Professional Profile


  • Communications Specialist and Publications Developer and Manager in print and electronic media;
  • Writer and Editor;
  • Graphic design, working in print and electronic media;
  • Receptive team leader, interested in maximizing the creative participation of team members;
  • Lifetime interest in sustainable development, the environment, and the relationship between local, place-centered economic systems and global economic forces.

Information and Communications:

  • Production and Management in Print, Electronic, and Verbal Media
  • Strong verbal, writing and editing skills;
  • Websites and electronic and print publications for small organizations;
  • Writing and editing, newsletter production, brochures, annual reports, magazines, manuals and websites;
  • Organization and production of clear, logical presentations;
  • Graphic design, photography, photo editing, designing, websites and displays;
  • Excellent artistic skills — good with layout of all sorts, photography, and illustration. (Also, strong music background).
  • Develpment and maintenance of databases for small organizations;
  • Direct mail and email appeals;

Computer skills

  • Adobe Creative Suite, especially InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Acrobat Professional (used to create files for professional printing);
  • All Microsoft Office applications;
  • QuarkXPress;
  • Filemaker Pro (Developer);
  • Computer languages: HTML, XHTML, PHP, CSS;
  • Music transcription software
  • Comfortable in both Mac and PC environments.

Working with Diverse Groups

  • Organized citizen groups interested in strengthening local economies;
  • Organized and facilitated national and international conferences;
  • Coordinated young adult volunteers from many countries;
  • Reviewed sustainable technologies to determine effectiveness and ease of use;
  • Taught music and worked as an actor/singer and theater designer;
  • Sang professionally and worked with choirs for many years;
  • Studied vocal performance and the relationship between linguistic acquisition and singing.

International Abilities and Experience

  • Publications and newsletters in French, Spanish and English;
  • Presently work for an international association of NGO’s from all over the world, especially in less developed countries;
  • Worked in publications at the Gastón Institute for Latino Community development and Public Policy at UMass Boston for several years;
  • Cross cultural awareness and able to connect with people from other cultures;
  • Traveled to Southern India to study the use of organic agriculture and aquaculture for environmental preservation and as a means of helping villagers bridge the gap between the local and global economies;
  • Worked in Colombia, Denmark, and India;
  • Lived for part of my childhood in Italy.