Training as a teacher

I was a student at the Boston University School of Fine Arts where I studed vocal performance. From their I went on to study Music Eduction in a masters degree program at the Kodály Musical Training Institute in conjunction with the New England Conservatory of Music. At the Kodály Institute, I studied importance in musical pedegogy on the relationship between music and language. The subject of my thesis was on language and skill acquisition as a process of the differentiation and developemnt of large perceptual blocks as opposed to the accumulation and assembly of facts.

After I finished the program at the Kodály Insitute, I worked as a music teacher for 2 years; but it became obvious that our schools were not able to support effective music programs and teaching classes that only met once every two weeks, was neither satisfying nor useful and I moved on to other pursuits. However, my study of education has remained useful in my approach to effective management and organization.