SDIA eNews 2010–2012

These are some of the back issues of Susila Dharma International Association’s eNews, published in English, French and Spanish and distributed internationally. They were all formatted both as web pages and for email. (There is one year’s worth here. I published SDIA’s eNews for 6 years.)

I worked as part of the SDIA office team to produce this, and was responsible for layout, some of the editing,  assembling the photographs, and for distribution. I inherited the basic design of our publications, but towards the end of my tenure at SDIA we undertook a complete recasting of our “brand”. You can see this in the most recent issues listed here.

Unfortunately, SDIA’s web site was moved to a new server just after I left, so most of the work I did is not available on-line. Here I have reinstalled these back issues on my own web site for my portfolio.