JakeOnAnnesCouch-2A communications specialist, I have excellent writing, presentation, design and publication skills and work both in print and electronic media. My experience is with small, nonprofit organizations. I have also taught courses, seminars and workshops, organized conferences on local national and international levels, and worked with others to produce fundraising and development strategies and materials.

I am skilled in most of the common graphic and design software applications, have strong skills in web development languages such as HTML, CSS, and PHP and database theory. I am especially skilled at translating data into the clear and informative graphic presentations.

A broad understanding of Development and Environmental Economics, a clear writing style, the ability to make complex issues understandable and a strong asthetic sensibility contribute to my ability to create publications that explain and promote projects and goals. With the help of writers and editors I am able to work in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

My education and experience are extremely broad and include music and the performing and visual arts, educational theory and practice, and environmental and development economics. This background informs my work as writer, editor, database developer, and graphic designer to produce a full range of publications in print, on the web, and in other electronic media and makes me a good fit with small organizations.

Dinghy-smallSome personal details: Some personal details: I started my career as a musician and actor. For several years I worked as a performer while also working as an elementary school music teacher. An lifelong interest in the environment and community development led me to go back to school to study economics. My hobbies include music, illustration, boating, and cooking. I presently live on my boat in the Boston Harbor.